Wednesday January 22 2020
         For Jillian.Hands Balancing Pearls — a stomach piece about magic and creation

Friday March 6 2020
         For Katherine.Alien — back piece thinking about emotions, psychedelics, and the matrix

Thursday December 5 2019
        For Greg.XuanWu — a XuanWu on the arm, with freehand scales and turtle shell pattern

Saturday September 22 2018
        For Sarah.Spiral Heads — a (nonsense) diagram of how a tangible idea/point is created when many minds overlap

Wednesday January 15 2020
        For Rowan.Making a Wish — on the waist, about wishing on a fallen eyelash and crying

Monday October 5 2020
       For Josh.Precious Egg — no good explanation for this but I’m still really proud of this image and the joint wrinkle faces

Sunday October 6 2019
      For Jason.Child Riding a Boar-Dragon — made up this boar-dragon for Jason day of the appointment and we’re happy about it

Thursday December 26 2019
        For Carson.Creature and Beads — a back guardian

Saturday January 4 2020
        For Tor.Twins Blowing Bubbles — forearm wrap

Wednesday January 29 2020
        For Bella.Bead Chain— freehanded w/ sharpy onto the back

Monday November 18 2019
        For Sarah.Creating Animation — originally my attempt at drawing a zoetrope, altered to wrap around the shoulder blade

Saturday March 9 2019
        For Phil.Playing With Monkeys — I really like monkeys :’-)

Sunday October 27 2019
        For Shoshi.Water — Shoshi asked me to create a back design inspired by “water”

Tuesday January 21 2020
        For Sarah.Snake Child — on the leg

Tuesday January 21 2019
       For Mike.Impact — below the inner knee

Monday January 7 2020
        For Mimi.Speedy Space Worm — alien worm has places to be and things to eat

Sunday April 7 2019
        For Mars.Face Pull — A mood

Saturday October 13 2018
        For Aspen.Head Islands — I think this was the second back tattoo I’ve done!

Saturday March 30 2019
        For Cindie. — Head Spider — >.<

Illustration & Animation

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Reality is an illusion that more than one mind agrees on
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Processing something intangible (like time) with something tangible (like a timeline)
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The first crime in space was actually very domestic — For The New York Times
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